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  1. Cute Teddy girl
    Cute Teddy girl
    Earn 623 points
  2. Breathtaking look
    Breathtaking look
    Earn 573 points
  3. Root man
    Root man
    Earn 725 points
  4. Giraffe with yellow birdies
    Giraffe with yellow birdies
    Earn 748 points
  5. Frog's rest under mushroom
    Frog's rest under mushroom
    Earn 698 points
  6. Tender fairy
    Tender fairy
    Earn 698 points
  7. Tiny bunny ballerina
    Tiny bunny ballerina
    Earn 573 points
  8. Irish frog
    Irish frog
    Earn 648 points
  9. Mystical sphynx
    Mystical sphynx
    Earn 598 points
  10. Lady bunny 2
    Lady bunny 2
    Earn 673 points
  11. Elephant's touching acquaintance with butterfly
    Elephant's touching acquaintance with butterfly
    Earn 648 points
  12. Time to dream
    Time to dream
    Earn 798 points

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Welcome to the online store of designs for machine embroidery. Here you will find bright, creative and classic designs for popular and rare models of embroidery machines, for example, Brother, Pfaff, Husqvana, Tajima, Singer, Janome, Baby lock, Bernina and many others.
Need to buy high-quality designs for embroidery machines with small embroidery frames 4 x 4? Pick up a new decor for your new summer t-shirt or cushion? Look in our catalog and find everything you need.

Internet - shop of embroidery machine embroidery designs - only profitable offers, author's original works and low prices.

In our assortment, such designs for embroidery machines, as:

animals and birds;
Unicorns and fantastic animals;
princesses and fairies;
travel and marine theme;
superheroes and monsters;
Christmas and St. Valentine's Day.
Considering that Embroidnew is engaged not only in selling machine embroidery designs, but also in making custom designs according to sketches and images of users, we offer high-quality digitizations inexpensively and provide reasonable service and high quality.

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