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  1. Toy Story - Dog
  2. Fan of bunnies
  3. Riding rabbit
  4. Scared kid
  5. Rabbit riding
  6. Sand castle
  7. Young lady 2
  8. My three kittens
  9. Ashamed
  10. Sheriff 2
  11. Prayer on clouds
  12. Prayer
  13. Talking with God
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Items 73-96 of 534

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Our Baby machine embroidery designs are the very cutest and pleasant. These are perfect for tablecloth, outfits, bibs, toys - you name it! View our biggest range of Baby embroidery designs. Each design contains multiple machine embroidery formats and sizes. Complete machine embroidery design are for sale. We also have a range of free retired embroidery design and applique designs.

Embroidery for baby or newborn. A wide range of different products, and shapes. These are the first sheets and towels, then they are the bibs, and finally these are clothes for walking in the first years of life. Every mom wants her beloved to be smart. To keep him surrounded not only comfortable but also beautiful things.

In this case, it is worth using machine embroidery. From simple monochrome designs made in the style of monograms to complex compositions for outerwear.

You can prepare baby clothes and accessories in advance. You do not have to sew it, you can use it already. Be sure to consider the service life of the products. The sheet can be decorated with one-color embroidery. It will often be erased and very quickly deformed (there is no reason to spend a lot of time and effort on it). Bib (or better not one), you can decorate with a more complex design (for example, a teddy bear in 3-5 colors). On the outer clothing from the first year of life, you can add large compositions for the hoop 5 x 7 inches or several designs linked together by one theme. Take into account also that such clothes (if it's quality) can be worn by the second (and why not) and the third child. It is necessary to divide her more attention.

A separate topic of the towel. It is better to embroider beautiful designs. And not because it's practical. It's just beautiful and not difficult to do. No need to cut and sew. I bought a towel - put it in the embroidery frame and embroider it.

Be sure to consider the type of thread and stabilizer that you will use.

Embroidering on a T-shirt, remember on the wrong side there are knots from embroidery and remnants of non-woven fabric. Carefully remove them. Otherwise they will injure the delicate skin of the baby. An excellent option if between the inside of the embroidery and the body of the child there will be another layer of fabric.

Please note that our product is machine embroidery design data files. You must have an embroidery machine to be able to use these designs. If you wish to open embroidery designs on the computer you will need an special embroidery software (such as My Editor or Embird, PE-DESIGN), otherwise, the embroidery designs can be transferred directly to your embroidery machine or USB stick (drive) for use.

Sizing information is included on each design page. If you would like design information on each embroidery design such as the design size, stitch count and needle changes, please click on the Show color table on each designs page.

Note. If you are embroidering to order, you can use our designs without any restrictions. Attention. Designs with Teddy bears are very popular in machine embroidery. we have a huge collection of them. Teddy bear machine embroidery designs. If you need a different size or a small change, write to us.

Attention. In this collection are not all designs with animals. Bunnies, cats, dogs, butterflies, farm and wild, forest, african animals are found Animals machine embroidery designs

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