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In our catalog of Machine Embroidery Designs you will always find what you need to decorate your new sofa cushion or make a big quilt.
There are designs of different styles and types of colors presented usually in several sizes. When choosing, consider the various parameters of the embroidery; the size of the hoop of your car, the number of colors and stitches. All these conditions can be found in the documentation for your embroidery machine or check with the dealer.

Why should I know the size of embroidery designs?

This is an important parameter that influences the compatibility of the purchased design and your embroidery machine. If the size is larger, you simply can not embroider the design. In this case, you will need to reduce the work. You can do this in the software on the computer (if you have it), or in the embroidery machine (this function is built-in). The preferred option is in the software. The maximum possible - 10-20% of the original size. If you have any questions or problems, it is better to contact us. We will do it quickly and professionally. After all, our work is embroidery.

Colors in Machine Embroidery.

The number of colors affects, not only the frequency of thread change, but also the density of the design. Consider this when choosing fabrics and stabilizers. A large number of colors, the use of complex color effects all this creates a high density of embroidery and requires the use of quality stabilizing materials. Such designs are better for using if you already have experience in machine embroidery. 1-2 color design is always always less dense in relation to multi-color photorealistic designs. The dense design will be quite heavy in relation to thin fabrics such as on summer T-shirts. Choose the embroidery design correctly. If you have any questions, write to us.

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