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  1. Rose hands
  2. Hand with gift
  3. Boho Rainbow
  4. I steal hearts
  5. Skull spring
  6. Mouse face mask
  7. Pig face mask
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All you need to decorate a napkin for a Christmas table or a pillow as a gift for a wedding anniversary. Inscriptions on towels and decorations of sofa cushions.

You are a modern and active woman who actively changes clothes and loves the original unique style in everything. You also have an embroidery machine, and like to make from ordinary factory products (not only, but sew your own) - your own. In realization of the plan our internet studio will help you. We regularly develop and publish new designs made according to our sketches and drawings. You will find different styles, formats and decor elements in our specialized catalog. This is a very large collection in which you can find almost any design for decorating clothes and home textiles; Clothes for newborns and children, sofa cushions, napkins and tablecloths on a coffee table and kitchen table. A lot of attention in the library is given to ethnic motifs, stylized patterns and signs in the tribal style. It is these works that are often used in decorating clothes and interior items.
What you will find in our catalog;

  • vintage motifs and scenes of everyday life,
  • fs patterns for embroidery on water-soluble fabric,
  • great embroidery for making napkins,
  • Skulls, bones and isothermal elements for Heluin,
  • Feathers and compositions with them in the styles of Boho,
  • flowers in various variations,
  • national motives and signs,
  • different characters executed 1-2 colors,
  • elements of the body and face of a person,
  • romantic designs for the expression of their tsvstv,
  • masks,
  • house, way of life, holiday
  • keys and locks,
  • holidays, celebrations, birthday and anniversaries.

How to choose machine embroidery for clothes.

Embroidery in our online store is always a high quality work. The use of the most modern digitizaison methods guarantees the uniqueness of the work. 100% of our designs are tested on real products or different types of fabric. In proof of quality you can find photos in our photo gallery. Photos of high-quality real products will prompt new ideas and help you to create your own creativity. It's not difficult if you choose a design from us. In our online store is very simple. just add the project you like to the shopping cart. Any design or format can be downloaded instantly immediately after payment. The design format will be selected automatically (if you specified the type of your embroidery machine in the profile). If you did not, you can change it on the download page.
In case of any problems or questions, do not worry. You can always contact our support team. Our managers will solve any your complex problem that has arisen and answer any question related to the format or size or small editing.

I want to check the quality of your machine embroidery designs

It is not difficult. We understand what is important to users. To check the quality of our works, you can absolutely free download interesting works from our collection. They will easily understand the high professional level of our art and expand your library of machine embroidery designs.
All works are available not only for domestic (domestic) use, but also for commercial use in small businesses. You will be able to recoup the spent materials and get a good profit. All these designs are also available in any popular format. Decoration free machine embroidery designs

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