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  1. Cup of latte
  2. Latte recipe
  3. Coffee to go cup
  4. Mocha 2
  5. English tea time
  6. Glace recipe
  7. Flat white
  8. Americano recipe
  9. Peach 3
  10. Green pear
  11. Be my guest
  12. Lemon 3
  13. Apple NHK
  14. Born to quilt
  15. Spiral apple
  16. Dreams in jar
  17. Cake 2
  18. Cafe & Bar
  19. AME tasty apple
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Items 1-24 of 693

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These Kitchen embroidery designs are perfect for all your kitchen projects: napkins, towels and tablecloth. View our bigger range of Kitchen embroidery designs. Each design contains multiple machine embroidery sizes.

Please note that our designs is machine embroidery digital data files. You must have an embroidery machine to be able to use our designs. If you wish to open these designs on the PC or MAC you will need an special embroidery software (same as PE-DESIGN, Embird. PFAFF..) , otherwise, the embroidery designs can be transferred directly to your embroidery machine for use. Sizing information is included on each embroidery design's page. Many of our designs include several sizes. If you would like more design information on each embroidery design such as the design size, stitch count and needle changes, please open design's page for color information on the Color thread button on each design page.

How to make a beautiful accessory for the kitchen.

Many people like to cook and create in the kitchen. It's nice to make a nice and tasty dish and then treat your friends and relatives. And you certainly can not do without beautiful kitchen accessories; Aprons, napkins, tablecloths and towels. They are in large numbers present in the kitchen to any hostess. You can create interesting towels and aprons if you have an embroidery machine and desire. There are a lot of jewelry options. From simple small monograms to complex color compositions. It all depends on your creative imagination, ideas and amount of free time.
What you will find in this catalog of machine embroidery designs

  • Fruits, vegetables and compositions with them,
  • bread products and products with them,
  • beautiful kitchen utensils,
  • coffee, tea and decor elements with nnmi,
  • cheerful and funny inscriptions on the kitchen theme,
  • symbols of a festive, Christmas and Easter table,
  • eastern cuisine and its rituals,
  • cafe, bar and restaurant and symbols,
  • cocktails and evening rest,
  • symbols and signs for uniforms personnel,
  • seafood, crabs, squid fish
  • fast food, hamburgers and sandwiches.

It is convenient for us to choose, download and use designs

All these designs of machine embroidery and many others you can download in our large library in a very short time. All projects are presented in 3-6 sizes ( in 10-15 mm increments) and several popular formats (if you did not find your contact please). We take into account all the wishes of our users and regularly add new works to make our collection modern. Our main difference from other online stores is the very high quality of digitizations, the modern style of work and the convenience of using our website. From the time you select a design to download, the user can do it in just 3-5 minutes. You do not have to choose the size or format (for you it was done automatically if you specified your type of embroidery machine in the profile), everything that is indicated on the product page will be available to you instantly after payment. The design format can always be changed at any time. We leave the user a great opportunity to manage their purchases.
The site has a large collection of free designs of machine embroidery. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, we can always help and solve your problems. After all, our studio and online store has been working in the machine embroidery industry for more than 20 years.

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