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Machine embroidery on the oriental theme is very popular among many lovers to create and decorate your own house, clothes, make gifts. Those who are actively interested in design and want to make a project (quilt, blanket, tablecloth or even just embroider a summer jersey) with this theme can accurately find what is needed in our large design library. A wide range of different works for the embodiment of almost any creative imagination and design. Ability to choose a beautiful work done according to original author's drawings (made specially for the order of this online store). Quality designs are made at a very high level, with the smallest details and effects (transitions, figured fillings, hand-made small items) and on the most newest embroidery software (Wilcom, TajimaPulse, Sierra EO). 100% quality modern digitizing. 100% tested designs (embroidered not only by us, but also by our users). Many of our works you can see already realized at specialized exhibitions of sewing and needleworkers in Australia in the US and Europe. In our catalog you will find designs on the following subjects

  • Geisha, women and just oriental beauties,
  • hieroglyphs and signs of ancient oriental culture, magic symbols,
  • Fantastic dragons, cute seals and animals made in oriental style,
  • anime and comics elements,
  • flowers and plants,
  • oriental cuisine sushi, cafe,
  • stylized elements of life, home, kitchen,
  • sport, karate and judo
  • women's accessories and garments.

This and much more you can use instantly, immediately after payment (download design will happen in 1-3 minutes). Most designs for the convenience of the user has several sizes (they are all available at no extra charge). For each design of machine embroidery, an original color table (carefully selected and verified) is always attached, which will help you to accurately execute the designed project. Since you can see it in our photos and images. Please note that a huge number of photo works are sent by our grateful users. It is their diligence in design that I get a bright, and sometimes unexpected life in different projects.
If you are having difficulty choosing a format or you do not know what size to choose for your embroidery machine. We are professionals in machine embroidery, and for us there are no problems.