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  1. Merry Xmas teddy bear
  2. Old teddy toy
  3. Teddy stay home
  4. Teddy toy vintage
  5. Teddy with toy car
  6. It's time to walk
  7. Christmas teddy toy
  8. Cute Christmas toy
  9. Christmas toy sketch
  10. Space reserved
  11. Waiting for you
  12. Loneliness
  13. Keep distance
  14. Old friends toys
  15. Bear the sailor
  16. Old Toys
  17. Teddy bear and crayon
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Items 1-24 of 639

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Our range of Teddy Bear embroidery designs will bring love into your Newnorn or baby projects. View our range of Bears and friends embroidery designs below. Each design contains several sizes and ful range formats so click through to view designs and completed projects.

 We also have a range of free embroidery designs and applique designs. These design you can download without registration.

Please note that our product is machine embroidery design digital data files. You must have an embroidery machine to be able to use our designs. If you wish to open embroidery on the PC or MAC you will need an embroidery software (such as My Editor, PE-Design, Wilcom), otherwise, the embroidery designs can be transferred directly to your embroidery machine or USB stick for use. Sizing, stitch count and color information is included on each design's page. Many of embroidery designs include multiple sizes and the all sizes are included in your purchase.

Another designs (bunnies, cats, dogs) available in Animal embroidery collection.

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