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  2. Can I sign in with my Facebook account?
  3. I’d prefer to sign in with my Google account
  4. How To Register and Sign In

Purchase and download order

  1. How do I know that your design is the right size for my embroidery machine?
  2. Where can I see my discount?
  3. My computer is no more. I’ve lost ALL of my designs!
  4. I’ve purchased the design, but where is it? It says “Instant download”, but I don’t see anything.
  5. How to download a single file without archiving

Managing Your Account

  1. How do I add/remove items to/from my Wish list? Will my friends be able to see it?
  2. I not see files for download
  3. How do I contact your Support?
  4. How do I add/update information on my embroidery machine?
  5. I want to change my password. Where can I do that?

All about embroidery formats

  1. Embroidery formats - Alfa machines
  2. Embroidery formats – Feiya
  3. Embroidery formats - Barudan
  4. Embroidery formats – Elna
  5. Embroidery formats Velles

Color Charts and additional information

  1. I need another Color Chart
  2. When I download the designs, the colors are different than the ones on the website.
  3. Color charts for what types of embroidery threads do you provide?
  4. Understanding Colors in Embird
  5. .EDR file – what is it for?

Edit embroidery design

  1. How do I change the colors of a design to the ones I like in My Editor?
  2. Hi i bought a embroidery file and it will not open on my Mac ?
  3. I've bought a design from you. How do I save it in another format in My Editor?
  4. How do I resize a design without reducing the stitch count?
  5. How do I delete parts of a design in My Editor?

Custom Digitizing Service

  1. How do I pay for customer digitizing?
  2. Will my custom digitized design be available for other people?
  3. How long will it take to custom digitize a design?
  4. How will I know that my custom digitizing order is ready?
  5. How to fill in a Custom Digitizing Ticket

Bonus programs and free embroidery

  1. How many Reward Points do I get for…?
  2. What are Reward Points and where do I use them?
  3. How to shop with Reward Points?


  1. Problem with ART format for Bernina 880
  2. Buy a design a second time to get a different format.

Справка на русском языке

  1. Как узнать совместим дизайн вышивки с вашей вышивальной машиной?
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