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Register and Sign In

  1. How To Register and Sign In
  2. I’d prefer to sign in with my Google account
  3. Can I sign in with my Facebook account?

Purchase and download order

  1. How do you get a purchase order number.
  2. I paid via an eCheck. Why can’t I download my order?
  3. How do I compare embroidery designs in your shop?
  4. What do I do if the embroidery designs/ files are corrupted?
  5. How do I download entire my order?

Managing Your Account

  1. How do I review a product?
  2. How do I add/remove items to/from my Wish list? Will my friends be able to see it?
  3. How do I contact your Support?
  4. I forgot my password!
  5. I not see files for download

All about embroidery formats

  1. Embroidery formats - Wonyo
  2. Embroidery formats - Inbro
  3. Embroidery formats - Tajima
  4. Embroidery formats – Kenmore
  5. Embroidery formats – Bernina

Color Charts and additional information

  1. When I download the designs, the colors are different than the ones on the website.
  2. How to print color charts in order history
  3. I need another Color Chart
  4. How do I change the colors of a design to the ones I like in My Editor?
  5. .EDR file – what is it for?

Edit embroidery design

  1. How do I delete parts of a design in My Editor?
  2. How do I enlarge a design and adjust the stitch count?
  3. How do I change the colors of a design to the ones I like in My Editor?
  4. I've bought a design from you. How do I save it in another format in My Editor?
  5. How do I resize a design without reducing the stitch count?

Custom Digitizing Service

  1. How to fill in a Custom Digitizing Ticket
  2. How long will it take to custom digitize a design?
  3. How do I pay for customer digitizing?
  4. Will my custom digitized design be available for other people?
  5. How will I know that my custom digitizing order is ready?

Bonus programs and free embroidery

  1. How to shop with Reward Points?
  2. How many Reward Points do I get for…?
  3. What are Reward Points and where do I use them?


  1. Problem with ART format for Bernina 880
  2. Buy a design a second time to get a different format.

Справка на русском языке

  1. Как узнать совместим дизайн вышивки с вашей вышивальной машиной?
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