Buy a design a second time to get a different format.

Question: What I did was order a machine embroidery design twice. Is there a way to indicate to me if I already bought the design. I do not need to pay for repeat designs. Your designs are very well done, and stitch out beautiful. I also need to know if I can download a design in another format other than my singer. PES will work for me also. Thank You

Answer: No you do not have to buy a second time. It is enough just to change the type of embroidery machine in your account.

How change embroideyr machine type to another

Another way: click Show/Hide all available files and will show other formats.

Note: you yourself choose the format that you need. To do this, you need to know the file extension. You can learn this from the instruction to your embroidery machine.

The downloaded format may not be compatible with your embroidery machine.

Show hide another embroidery formats

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