.EDR file – what is it for?

The majority of the embroidery machines and software do not reproduce colors faithfully. In order for you to choose accurate or actual colors every design is supplemented with an image file in a .JPG or a PDF format (we use Robinson-Anton Color Palette). If you already have the Embird software ( www.embird.net), you'll be able to see the actual colors. To do that, load the color support file (the name is ours) in a .EDR format together with the design. Then the embroidery design will have the right look.

You can see the difference in the photo below. On the left the right color palette from the .EDR file is used, and on the right the colors have been chosen by the software.

EDR color palette for embroidery design

Provided that you have the embroidery software (editor or viewer), the .EDR file will help you to completely change your color scheme without any help from the outside.

Please read our instruction how to do it using free software How to change the colors of a design in My Editor?

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