How do I order embroidery designs from your online store?

Choose your embroidery design

To choose a product, simply aim your cursor at the Embroidery designs above. You’ll see a drop-down list of categories. Select one, for example, Holidays, and click on it. All holidays-related products will appear on the screen.

Browse category

If you want a particular holiday, select a corresponding subcategory on the top.

Browse subcategory

If you want to see all sub categories click the link SHOW ALL/ SHOW LESS

Show less show more categories

Or, you can use a search window above the menu bar. Type in your key word(s) and press Enter.

Search bar

Under the search bar you can see the Hot searches. Let’s say, you want to see all the designs with girls. Click on the word “Girl” and see all the designs corresponding to that topic.

Hot searches

Now click on “Show all N results”, and you’ll be redirected to the page where all the embroidery designs related to the topic are displayed. You can sort them by relevance, product name or price.

Search results

Learn product specifications

A click on the embroidery design will show you all the details, such as available sizes, formats and number of stitches. Please be careful so as to choose the size that will fit your embroidery frame.

Product specifications

No need to worry about the embroidery formats! For your convenience, we provide a list of embroidery machines for which this particular design is suitable.

Available embroidery formats

See how a chosen design looks on an item

If in doubts how the ready design will “sit”, look under the picture to see how it looks on various items: clothes, pillows, etc.

See how the embroidery design looks on an item

Add the designs to Cart and pay

After you have added everything you want, look at the top right corner of the page to find a shopping basket. Click on Go to checkout.

Go to checkout

If you registered on our site, you’ll be offered to choose a payment method. We currently accept PayPal and Check/money order. Click on Continue to PayPal, log in and complete the purchase. You can use either your PayPal balance or a Visa/MasterCard/American Express credit or debit card.

Pay via PayPal

Or, fill in all the required fields to pay via money order.

Pay via Money order

If you have a discount code, you can apply it at the bottom of the page.

Apply discount code

Please wait a couple of minutes after having conducted the payment. Don’t refresh the page or close your browser. The system needs some time to process the information. In case the payment went through, you’ll be redirected to the Successful page. On conducting the payment, wait a couple of minutes, please.

If you don’t have an account on our site, you’ll be offered to register and sign in.

View and download your order

To access the list of all the orders you’ve ever made, go to Account > My Orders. Download the embroidery designs you’ve purchased.

Download the designs

The designs are yours. FOR EVER.

We offer an unlimited number of downloads. So even if your computer dies (we hope it will not), you’ll always have access to the products you’ve purchased. Also, you won’t need to repurchase the designs in case you’ll get a new embroidery machine. Read more about it How do I download entire my order?.

Please note that currently sell machine embroidery designs only.

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