How do I download entire my order?

Go to Account > My Orders. You’ll see the list of the files available for download.

Now, the numbers in the name of each file indicate the size of the frame. Select the one you need and click on the name of the file.

How to dowload the design

In the top line where the order number is listed, click the "download order" button. It is to the right of the order date.

Click download order button for save embroidery designs

The system will take some time to create an archive file, with all your files. The time depends on the number and size of your files.
At the end of the process, the system will prompt you to save the *. ZIP file on your computer.

Store it anyplace on your computer.

What to do if the download does not start.

What if I don’t need to upload an entire order:  How to download only one design | Download only selected files

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